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Custom Web Development

For over 25 years, Eric Cooper has been providing website solutions to small and medium businesses around the world. He's helped a lot of companies grow and worked on many different projects in his career. Now working as an independent consultant he's happy to offer custom web development, hosting solutions, content and sales copywriting services and more.

We love what we do because it's all about the customer. We take care of our clients and offer them high-quality services at a price they can afford, with entrepreneurs who understand their needs like you would.

At Above The Sun Consultant Group, we pride ourselves on the high level of service and support that is offered to all clients. We provide creative solutions tailored for your budget so you can have Your Online Business Made Simple

Some of our most recent clients...

Tierra Science LLC is dedicated to providing the opportunity to grow personally, achieve significant financial objectives & contribute to the lives & successes of others.


The House of Mahanaim carries with it the supply. As is mentioned is scripture the place where God shows up to bring what is needed or desired. The connection between heaven & earth, as every good and perfect gift comes from the Father of Lights.

My love for facilitating family and helping people to be the best version of themselves in the here and now space is what fuels my why...

Mahanaim Inc.

Perfect Love Company is the perfect place to find gifts that will make them feel special. We have everything from customized apparel, homeware, drinkware and much more! You can even shop by occasion or holiday so you’re always prepared when it comes time to celebrate.


Discover Nitric Oxide “The Miracle Molecule” with MLS - Imported from Earth™ Technology Products!

TAG was founded in 1995 by Jeff Cosby, who has spent 40 years as an executive coach, consultant, and trainer. He is a master trainer who has designed and led high-impact training for over 200,000 people around the world. In collaboration with many colleagues, Jeff is recognized as the creator of the world-renowned personal transformation program, Mastery.

Maybe by now, you’ve decided to give blogging a try. But how do you do it? And where? A blog is easy to develop, and there are both free and paid platforms for you to use as a digital journal.

However, as you’ll discover in this new book, Empower Yourself By Blogging, the best way is to own the property you’re blogging on.

Prioritize Your Well-Being Over and over again, you’ll notice that during times of viral outbreaks, it’s said that people with underlying health conditions are at high risk. One group of people this category refers to is diabetics.

Nitric oxide is produced by nearly every type of cell in the human body and one of the most important molecules for blood vessel health.  Nitric oxide increases blood flow and lowers blood pressure.

Buried deep in the recesses of your mind are the thoughts and feelings that stay hidden until you shine a light on them. They affect you on a day to day basis, but you live your life unaware of the significant impact they have on your personal satisfaction.

For those who do make the journey to self discovery, it’s a beautiful uncovering of their full potential. How does a man or woman go about achieving this sense of change? It’s different for everyone... 

Are You Over 50? Learn How To Monetize Your Knowledge, Experience & Your Our Life Skills! 

Since the 1990s, how people spend their time during their "Golden Years" has changed drastically. And as more and more of us "Baby Boomers" reach retirement age, a new class of entrepreneur has emerged: the Seniorpreneur.

Welcome you to connect with us and deepen friendships with others on this journey.

It doesn’t matter if you are single or married, our heart is to draw people who want to do life together.  We long to create a safe place where our single friends can connect in truly great relationships… and maybe even meet their life-long spouse!

We look forward to hanging out, sharing coffee or tea, getting to know you, and talking with one another… Resonate? Let’s talk….

Are you over 55? Do you want to learn how to build a business you love, that generates predictable, recurring income and finally gives you the freedom and lifestyle you want?

Do you want to tap into the collective knowledge & experience of a community of Baby Boomer experts who are there to support each other? Come join our Tribe of Seniorpreneurs at BBA!

Since the birth of the World Wide Web, how people spend their time during their “Golden Years” has changed drastically. Now that more and more Baby Boomers reach their retirement age, there is a new class of entrepreneur on the scene: the “seniorpreneur.”

Eric Cooper is a visionary leader, with many years of experience including overseeing virtual global offices and entrepreneurs across the world.

Work With Eric

For over twenty five years I have helped people develop their business ideas into reality by offering advice and mentorship services that help clients create viable strategies that lead to success.

Let's make your online business simple!

Eric Cooper 

Made a Difference

Both myself and my business partner want to thank you for sharing your vast knowledge of business with us and for your assistance in developing the website for our latest business venture. You showed us things we didn't even know were possible. The whole experience has been not only excellent, but "fun" from start to finish. We look forward to working with you again in the future.

ROSLYN TAYLOR  //  Business Owner

Solid Experience

Eric helped me establish a podcast, after being off the air for over a decade. He was patient, helpful in retraining me and very encouraging throughout the process. We are not only recording now, but set for up for months in advance. I recommend Eric for all of your online business needs.

KEVIN THOMPSON  //  believer. husband. dad. minister. hoop coach

Eric has added great value to my website and business

Eric is a great coach and advisor in the business field! He is greatly knowledgeable in the area of e-commerce. He has added great value to my website and business by giving me valuable advice and providing materials here on to help me learn. I’m so thankful for his help. You won’t regret your investment!


Eric Is Your Man

Eric has been my life saver ever since I started my business. His IT and Customer Service skills are GOLD. He is very reliable and dependable and you can rest assured that he will guide you to achieve your dreams.

CHARLES CHAN  //  Business Owner

Your Online Business Made Simple!

There are so many options out there when it comes to getting your business idea up on the internet. If you need a professional consultant who can break down all of your questions for you! 

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